Case Study - Rekoop

Rekoop has been one of the most memorable advertising campaigns for me as a Creative Director.

For any good branding and advertising work I have done there has always been a crisp and clear communication between client and the agency. The visionary CEO Manu Kapur was very clear that nothing should be lost in translation. There was no servicing person involved. We would meet one to one maybe once a month, brainstorm together and crack an idea. I would go back to my design studio and come up with ideas that translated his vision for the brand.

WHAT has to be communicated has to come from the client but HOW it has to be communicated will come from me as an agency.

So this is what was decided to be communicated for Rekoop :

REKOOP bedding is made by blending cotton with polyester fiber obtained from recycling post consumer PET plastic bottles. Manufactured by Reliance Industries Limited, this fiber is the most eco friendly polyester fiber in the world. Molecular tagging of the recycled polyester fiber through the CertainT Platform of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., secures its provenance and complete traceability across the supply chain.

After a list of about 10 brand names we shortlisted ‘Rekoop’ and ‘Petkarma’.

Since our target audience was mainly in the usa and Europe, Rekoop was the chosen one.

Rekoop bedding was made by recycling plastic bottles, so we decided to use the bottle shape itself as a part of the logo

Also introducing the universal recycling symbol within the bottle was an idea that was unique and had an instant connect.
The final logo looked liked this :

Visual definition:

The brand colors are taken specially to create an eco-friendly Rekoop world.

And the special dirty greenish background grey, which proudly connected to our idea post-consumer plastic bottles.

The minimalistic bright green within the logo defined the world of Rekoop.

The baseline “recycled with certainty” connected with certainT partnership and completed the loop.

Same campaign thought had to be then extended into a brand campaign. Here is the the visual imagery we created :

Brand advertising is about the consistancy of an image and this is how the press ads looked like :

This is how we translated the core thought into a Corporate film :

Extension of the branding to a corporate catalogue

Extension of the branding to website

Extension of the branding to outdoors. These were displayed on the 5th Ave in New York.

Extension of the branding into a showroom design. The hanging jellyfish is made from plastic and and PET bottles. Wall graphics were printed on eco silk and eco boards using soy ink.

We hired one of the finest Czech sculptress Veronika Richterová to design the lamps and installations for the showroom

Katrina Slack an artist based in St Ives Cornwell created this amazing dolphin wall mount that was made out of discarded fishing nets

Extension of the branding to invites/gifts : This whale souvenir was handcrafted out of discarded plastic bottles and paper mache by the tsunami hit women in Auroville, near Pudducherry, India.

Thats the branding story of a sustainable, traceable brand. Every brand throws a unique challenge for us. Here I learned that large teams are not required to do a large quantum of work. One creative person when fully involved can translate an idea and get it executed across all mediums.