The COVID-19 Pandemic around the world has taken the world by storm touching the lives of every human being on Earth! Bringing out the best and worst of human emotions – empathy, sympathy, kindness, concern, anger, frustration, social cohesiveness and bravery among others. People around the world have been expressing these feelings through, poetry, prose, paintings and graphics!

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) with its focus on building cultural links with countries around the world and connecting people to people through Cultural and Educational exchanges, called on Indians and citizens of the world to express these emotions – through Art in the Time of CORONA: United against Corona- Express through Art campaign. This campaign was executed by magic mushroom under the supervision of Arvind Pal Singh.

The event encouraged submissions of artistic expressions in following media:
Paintings – on Canvas/Paper – oil, water colours, pencil, crayons
Digital Art – Graphical Posters & Paintings
The expressions of artists are categorized into the following:
Contemporary Art | Folk & Tribal Art | Cartoons & Illustrations | Digital & New Age Art

We launched a portal www.iccr4art.com with the form that the participants could easily fill in and upload their artworks. We collected more than 9000 entries in 45 days. The duplicate and irrelevant entries were shortlisted by our backend team. The shortlisted entries were showcased live on the portal. Users were able to search for an entry based on the category, participant’s name, professional or amateur and title. They were able to LIKE, RATE or SHARE an artwork.

Above is the website portal home page design using ajax tecnology. We recieved 9000 + paintings in this campaign.

The admin panel was to view all entries of the paintings, category wise, approve them and manage the front end

The works were evaluated by a high level jury. Jury was fully authorised to discard inappropriate work of arts. Magic mushroom created Jury panels backend for the evaluation of artworks in 2 different stages. There were total of 9 individual jury panels created with different sets of paintings for the evaluation.

There were prizes worth INR 9 Lac in Indian category alone and $ 14k in foreign category that were won by the deserving participants.

Best of the expressions were exhibited in leading galleries in India and abroad. An online exhibition is also on display. Please visit www.iccr4art.com.